About Me

Andy GH is a San Diego native freelance developer seeking a full time job in the San Diego county. He attended Platt College San Diego where he graduated from in 2012 with a B.S. in Web Design and A.S. in Graphic Design.

Andy has worked in San Diego web companies and owned his own freelance business where he honed his HTML, PHP, CSS and Javascript skills.

He has been developing and designing WordPress and PHP websites, debugging and providing web support since 2011.Read Full Bio


Andres Garcia Hernandez


1. Concept

Before beginning any project Andy will discuss the project with you and answer any question you might have. At this point he will try to identify what is it that you and what are the features that your site will need in order to be useful for your clients. He will also try to identify your existing marketing pieces and analyze the best way to include them in your site.

2. Architecture

At this point Andy will make a visual representation of the pages and their hierarchy in your site. This visual representation is often called site architecture or site and is used to plan current and future content additions. This will also be used to strategies the best incorporation of your existing marketing strategies like social networks.

3. Creativity

Once the site architecture is approved Andy will begin to work on wireframes for the home, about, contact, blog and post or any unique layouts in the site. The wireframes consist boxes and placeholder content revisions and layout modifications can be made rapidly. After the wireframes are approved a graphic mock up will be created. When the mock up is approved Andy will use it to start creating your site.

4. Launch

After building the site, Andy will personally train you how to use your new website and will also explain how he has integrated your existing marketing strategies into your new site. Afterwards Andy will upload your site to your web host and make all the necessary changes to make sure that the site goes “live”.